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International Commission on media violence finds all viewers affected

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Welcome to the Kids Free 2B Kids website  

"What we allow is what we approve" -  Dr Glen Cupit Senior Lecturer in Child
Development. University of South Australia.

  Are you concerned about:

  • How children are portrayed in advertising - i.e. What they wear, how they're posed?
  • The images children are exposed to in their environment - i.e. Billboards, magazines, internet, TV?
  • The toys, dolls and games children play with?
  • Exposure to adult sexual images that a child is not developmentally ready to absorb?


There is a groundswell of people all over Australia who are also concerned, including experts in the field of child development.


Kids Free 2B Kids is committed to children developing to their full potential - without exposure to sexualised imagery before they are developmentally ready to process it.


This website tells you:

Kids Free 2B Kids is in alliance with ACCM -  The Australian Council on Children and the Media.  (Formerly Young Media Australia)

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